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Hunterston Castle in North Ayrshire – Seat of Clan Hunter

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In Scotland there is an ancient and unique system of Clans. In earliest times Clans evolved to protect those with a shared kinship or allegiance. Within the Clan a leader would be elected as Chief, eventually this changed to a heredity system. A Clan Chief is allowed to bear a Coat of Arms, however all matters Heraldic are governed by Scottish law and regulated by The Lord Lyon and before being able to display their Coat of Arms each Chief must apply to the Lyon Court. In Scotland the Laws of inheritance for many titles are different to many other countries. Under Scottish law a woman may inherit the Chiefship. This has happened five times over the 30 generations of Clan Hunter Chiefs, myself being the fifth female Chief and the 30th Chief of Clan Hunter.

The Hunters of Hunterston arrived in North Ayrshire in 1107, invited by David I as Royal Gamekeepers and Foresters, a vital skill in times when all food had to be obtained from the land near where you lived. David appointed Norman Venator (Hunter) as Royal Huntsman, tasked with providing game for the Royal table and falcons. The Hunters were so skilled that they were tasked for many centuries with managing the Kings holiday hunting lodge, ensuring plenty of game, on the Island of Wee Cumbrae. The Hunters supported King Alexander of Scotland in defeating the Vikings at the Battle of Largs in 1264, the last time the Vikings attacked mainland Britain. It was at this time that the Hunters replaced their wooden fort with a more substantial stone Castle. During this Battle, the Hunterston Brooch, a National Scottish heirloom was lost, to be found four centuries later. A copy is held by the family. Hunterston Castle, the Seat of Clan Hunter, is the best preserved Pele tower still in the hands of the family that built it.

Nowadays Clan Hunter has a worldwide reach with members on most continents. Over many centuries Scots have sought their living outside their country of birth, remembering and maintaining their links with Scotland down the generations. The Clans of Scotland today thrive and grow globally. Every three years Clan Hunter holds an International Gathering at Hunterston Castle to celebrate our unique heritage and history. Our next Gathering will be held at Hunterston Castle over the first weekend of September 2021 at the same time as the Largs Viking Festival. This annual Festival creates a Viking village filled with re-enactors showing how Vikings lived in the 13th century. Hunterston Castle is only open by appointment by booking online via our website (see below).

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Clan Hunter
Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston
-30th Chief of Clan Hunter-
Hunterston Castle
North Ayrshire
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